PET/CT is now recognised universally as the best Medical Imaging Technique for the Detection and Management of Cancer, better than MRI and CT.  Cancer Patients will likely suffer more if they do not get to do PET/CT.

Our prices are among the lowest in the world – about US$660 for the first scan; and about US$330 for follow-up scans within six months – even though we use scanners that are among the best in the world.  This is possible because we have our own Cyclotron to make Radioactive Glucose (FDG) and our PET/CT Centres do a lot of scans – up to 20 scans a day per centre.

We have the latest PET/CT Scanners from GE, with the best Sensitiviity so that we can use very low dose of Radioactive Glucose (about half the usual dose) and very short scanning time (about 15 minutes).  They also have very good Resolution, so that we can detect lesions as small as a couple of millimeters.

Austral-Euro Diagnosis is a socially responsible company with the objective of providing very affordable PET/CT for cancer patients so that they can do as many scans as required for the best possible detection and management of cancers.

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